Reasons to NOT be a FSBO Type of Person

You may think you can save a couple hundred, if not thousands, of dollars when you decide to sell your home yourself. Unless you are a qualified professional, this won’t be true. The needed expertise will get you a higher sales price for your home, which will be more than you end up saving on commissions. Statistically speaking, homes that are sold by the owner more of than not, sell for less, and take longer, than those that use an agent. Below are five reasons you should opt-out of the DIY approach, and let a qualified professional handle your home.

Price – the surest way to sell your home quickly is to price it right. You cannot afford to price it too high and get zero offers, nor can you price it too low and lose money. Agents know the local market and how to price it based on what you are selling. Having an agent will keep you from making any emotional mistakes that could hurt your chances of selling.

Negotiation – selling and buying something that is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars is no easy task. There are three parts to this process: beginning offer, counter offer, and post offer period for inspections and concessions. Unless you are a master negotiator, I would leave this up to a professional.

Exposure - When selling your house it is imperative it be seen by as many people as possible. It’s your agent’s duty to know every possible marketing avenue to use when selling your house. The one tool they will have you won’t, is the ability to talk to other agents looking for interested buyers.

Buyer perception – Most other buyers will have an agent representing them. It’s not uncommon for buyers to be deterred by For Sale By Owner because their agents simply don’t want to deal with the sellers themselves. They would rather be dealing with other agents who can often times find a middle ground for negotiations.

Smoother sailing – real estate agents are here for a reason, to make the sale as smooth as possible. They step in where their expertise allows them, and get the job done. They keep everyone on the right track while getting the best deal available for you!

Don’t walk it alone, get an agent and sell/buy your house the right way!

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