Reasons to Reconsider Selling your Home by Yourself

Many metropolitan areas have seen property values increase in the past couple years. In 2014, those increases slowed significantly. But now that winter is almost over, home selling is about to pick up again.

For the homeowners who want to sell, but are waiting for their home to increase in value is quite natural. They want to maximize their profit, which means cutting out the middle man and selling themselves.

Here’s the reality: Selling your home yourself isn’t going to make much of a difference. You won’t be saving boatloads of money as you planned. The money you planned on saving from commission doesn’t add up to much when you consider the amount you would have gotten for your home if you used an agent. They bring pricing expertise, negotiating skills, and access to the table. They are professionals and can get the top dollar for your home, while getting your home sold in a timely manner.

The numbers don’t lie. It usually takes longer to sell when a home is “for sale by owner”, and sells for less. These numbers come from the National Associates of Realtors. These agents know the process quite well. It’s how they make their living so you can trust them. Here are five quick tips on why DIY is only good for home repairs and not home sales.

  1. Pricing- The biggest aspect of getting your home sold is to make sure it is priced correctly. You lose money when it is priced too low, and you don’t sell it when it is priced too high. The emotional connection between a home seller and their home creates a sense of inflated value. The professional real estate agent knows the true market value and isn’t looking at it through jaded eyes.
  2. Negotiating- Selling your home is a major transaction. The three important negotiations in the sale: the initial offer, the counter offer, and the postoffer period that includes inspections and requests for concessions. You need a skilled negotiator for this process.
  3. Exposure- To get your home sold you want as many people to be able to view it as possible. Not only will a professional agent make this happen, they work daily with other agents who might have interested buyers.
  4. Buyer perception- Most buyers will be using an agent. FSBO deals can often deter those buyers and agents because they too, want to work with another professional.
  5. Smooth sales process- Leave it to the professionals with experience to make sure this process goes through smoothly. They are the ones who are on the front lines dealing with any financial troubles, buyer’s complaints, keeping everything on the right path, and creating contracts and escrow to a successful close.

So give an agent a second thought before you decide to sell your home by yourself. Looking for a good agent? I can set you up with Louisville’s best, give me an email at

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