Renovating Mistakes

Everyone likes to renovate their home, because we all like the finished product. But renovating a home is not so simple. The upgrades can be crazy expensive, leaving you wondering if moving would have been a better choice. Here are the mistakes most commonly made while renovating your home.

Never smooth sailing

Always assuming your renovations will go according to plan will leave you disappointed. There's always something that is obstructing your plan from being executed flawlessly. There's always obstacles you never anticipate. The lesson here is to prepare for the worst.

Don't cut corners

Sometimes people are in a hurry and just want the job completed as quickly as possible. This leads to rushed work, which is always sloppy work. There is often spillover effects when the work is rushed. The lesson here is to get the job done right. This will save you a headache and money down the road. Trust me.

Make plans

During a renovation you will lose some, if not all of your appliances for a certain amount of time. Maybe you lose your stove and oven, or your washing machine. In this case you'll have to find another way to cook your food and or wash your clothes. If you plan on eating out or using a microwave for the rest of the duration of your renovation, you may leave a big hole in your wallet and put on a few extra pounds. Not to mention finding a laundry mat to go to weekly. The lesson here is to plan ahead and make accommodations for the lifestyle change you are undertaking. 

Do it at your own risk

When deciding to take on your projects yourself, just know that you are on your own and no one is coming to help when you make a big mistake. Just because you think you can do it, doesn't mean you actually can. It could take you twice as long with a ton more energy expelled than if you hired a professional. The lesson here is to know what your capabilities are, and what you need to hire out. Saving yourself time, frustration, and money in the long run is an investment you'll be happy with. 

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