Renovation vs. Remodel

Are you thinking of remodeling or renovating? You might say they are the same thing right? Nope! Despite people using these words with the same meaning, they actually are fairly different.

A renovation is basically a facelift on a property; changes will be made to an already existing structure. A remodel is changing the structure through demolition and construction.

If one was to renovate their bathroom they may install new sinks, toilets, throw on some new paint, put down a new tile floor, all while keeping the plumbing and electrical systems in their current place. It could be classified as a remodel if they knocked out any walls, or move some pipes.

Look at it like this, in order to improve the functionality of the home like decreasing or adding structure, you’ve got yourself a remodel. Decorating the essentials, no matter how ordinary, like flooring and new paint, is always considered a renovation.

Most Americans will hire handymen, or professional home repairmen to do their renovations, while remodeling requires industry experts who have much more expertise on the matter.

How different are the costs?

Typically renovations are cheaper because only the decorations or surface details are changed. Most of the renovation projects can be accomplished quickly and on a budget. One thing about remodeling is they usually come with a surprise or two, which can easily put you out of your budget.

On the other side, bigger remodel projects are rather expensive. Even before you begin the physical process of remodeling, it will cost you in permits, and these are rarely cheap. Make sure when you do this, you do it right, so make sure the funding is available. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to pad your budget by 10% to 12%.

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