Renting with a Four Legged Friend

     It's always nice coming home to  your furry friend, but not all landlords are big fans of your pets. Most landlords will tell you upfront if they accept pets, or the conditions in which they will accept them. Their main concerns is to the extent in which your pet will place wear and tear on the rental property. They're also worried about the aroma the pets shedding leave behind. For these reasons, some landlords forbid pets, or only allow ones within a certain weight limit.

     FI they do allow pets, they will most likely charge an extra deposit, or a non-refundable pet fee which is supposed to cover a heavy cleaning service when you move. These charges are not unusual, and can range anywhere from $300-$500 and maybe more, so don't be surprised if your landlord asks you for these fees.

     There are no set rules landlords abide by when determining the allowance of pets. It is totally within their rights to deny pets, so long as they do it to everyone. Again, some landlords only accept pets within a certain weight limit, so you should check your pets weight before entering the market to look for a place with your buddy.

     When you begin your search for a place, you might start online. If you do start online be sure to include your search criteria for places that allow pets. You should also ask your prior landlords to be a reference to your new landlord, and hopefully they will only tell good things about you. It also wouldn't hurt if you were to show your landlord your pets certification of obedience school, or that they are a well behaved pet.

     Finding a home can be challenging when you have a pet, but if you know your pets weight, have extra cash to put down on the deposit, and are willing to persuade your landlord that your pet is well behaved, then you can find a good place for your four legged friend.

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