Secrets to Sell Quickly in 2017

The hardest part of selling your home is deciding you are ready to sell it. Timing is also a big part of it too; but 2017 is going to be a good year for sellers. If this isn’t your first rodeo in selling your house you know the process. Find a real estate agent, tidy the house up, take photos, and get the paperwork ready.

With technology today accompanied by today’s uncertainty in the market, it’s important for greenies and veteran sellers to take advantage of the best tips to sell your home quickly in 2017.

Have the right agent

Professional agents should know the market like 2nd grade math. They should know every neighborhood, and if they’re really good, every block. They’ll know which neighborhoods are selling hot, who is moving where, and how to stage a home properly.

Emphasize listing photos

Homes should be represented well in their listing photos. The photos are what draw potential buyers in; so home’s needs excellent photos that catch all the buying eyes. These photos make your home standout.

Consider the latest technology

Professional photographers may not be enough for some edgy sellers. They may use all the bells and whistles, like getting a drone to take a video of the property, or using a 3-D tour throughout the house.

 Going social

Good agents know how to market, and in today’s market the best bet is online. Good agents will not only use the MLS or their website, but all the social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

Freshen the home

The most basic way to freshen up a home is a quick coat of paint. It makes the walls look crisp while giving it a fresh smell. Be sure to make the walls a neutral color so it doesn’t turn away any buyers.

Right asking price

If you price the home right the first time you can get more money out of it. If the home is listed wrong and it sits on the market, you may have to drop the asking price because people begin to think there is something wrong with it.

Consider the first offer

When uncertainty is a factor in the market, much like there is for 2017, the best thing you can do is consider the first offer you receive. Not even the experts know what is in store for this upcoming year, so interest rates rising, and a new president in office, nobody knows how the market will react. It may take a turn for the worst and nobody wants to purchase houses anymore. Overall, don’t scoff at the first offer you receive.

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