Closing of Sherman Miton Bridge Makes Louisville More Desirable

The most recent news concerning Louisville is the closing of the Sherman Miton bridge. Louisville politicians have been arguing with East End money for more than ten years. They've been arguing about the building of the East End bridge. Engineers have estimated the cost for repairing the bridge, and the calculations still aren't complete since it took place September 8th.This may mean a few things for real estate in Louisville.

One thing for sure is that if you're looking to buy a house in the Kentuckiana region, you will not want to buy one in southern Indiana. Even though 17% of the Louisville workforce is from southern Indiana, the closing of the Sherman Miton bridge will have substantial effects on commuting. Homeowners trying to sell in southern Indiana and Floyd Knobs are having a difficult time selling

On the other side, homeowners trying to sell in Kentucky are seeing a small rise in sales. Areas like Crescant Hill, Highlands, Audoban Park, and downtown.

The end to real estate recession isn't near.

Until things are back to normal, we won't be able to evaluate the extent to which the bridge failure really affects property values and transaction.Forcasting things like these never really pans out well for anyone, so there's no reason to try and guess which way the dice will roll. Goodluck with your real estate adventures.

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