Signs You Are Renting From A Slumlord

Before committing to a lease, keep on the lookout for these possible problems from my landlord. The location and layout might be the most important factors to your renting hunt, but don't overlook the landlord most importantly. Since they run the show, having a bad landlord experience can become a nightmare. Pay attention to these warning signs before you sign any lease.

Slumlord signs

  1. Common areas of a building are in bad shape

Having a smelly home, cracks throughout, and a nasty laundry room are perfect warning signs of what is happening throughout the whole house. If the public places of a building or not maintain, the individual rooms won't be either.

2.Individual units aren't in good shape either

Not maintaining a property is a huge red flag. If you're checking it out and notice a bunch of little things wrong, there's probably a few bigger things wrong too. This should tell you the absolute minimum is used in keeping up the living spaces. 

  1. Can't put your finger on the landlord

If the landlord almost appears more as a magician, by not being able to get a hold of them, there's a good warning sign. It almost cannot get any worse than needing your landlord to fix a maintenance problem and not be around to make the fox happen. 

  1. A confusing lease, or no lease at all

Having a lease that is unquestionably clear is helpful if you want to avoid unmet expectations, and problems down the road. A couple details it should be laid out clearly besides the obvious amount and time rent is due.

You will want to know the terms of the lease termination, occupancy limits, and pet policies before you agree to sign any lease. Another important point is to have documentation on what condition the property will be in on move-in day, and who is responsible for maintaining it. 

If by chance you do sign with a slumlord, make sure that the terms listed for inspections, and other reasons for hem to be inside your home favor you.

  1. Asking for crazy high deposit

Maybe the landlord has had bad experiences with renters, and is asking for a ridiculously high deposit, or maybe you are a high-risk tenant. There might be plenty of reason to justify such a high deposit, but remember you need to protect yourself first and foremost. Compare and contrast other nearby deposit fees.

  1. Appears like a great deal

Desperate landlords have been known to entertain excellent deals. If you're living outside of a hot real estate market, and the landlord is offering unbelievable deals, they are probably too good to be true. Keep an eye out for rental scams before you become the next victim. 

  1. Current tenants don't have positive reviews

If a landlord does not uphold their end of the agreement, tenants won't hesitate to talk.  Make sure they've got positive reviews, or mostly positive, before you commit to dealing with them for the next several months.

  1. They don't make great first impressions

If landlords don't put their best foot forward upon first contact this is a major red flag. Healthy relationships between tenants and landlords require open communication, so both parties trust The other will hold their end of the deal. If they appear to be hasty, rude, it's completely fair to walk away from the beginning.

You can always trust your intuition on whether you know you should be dealing with this person or not.

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