Simple Ways to Declutter Your Home

Throughout the years we often collect clutter around the house. No matter have valuable you think it may be all this “valuable” stuff still gets in the way.  This blog is a list of ways to declutter your home the simplest ways possible.

Getting rid of all the stuff lying around the house can be a feeling of relief. It has been proven that with everything lying around, it can actually hinder our ability to process information. This is because it distracts us, drains us of energy, and can make us easily annoyed. S why have all that unnecessary garbage in your life? Let’s get started shall we?

Reverse hanger tactic – how many of your clothes haven’t been taken off the hanger in years? Use this trick; take all your clothes on hangers and put them in backwards, so the open end of each hanger now faces you. Write down on the calendar six months ahead. Each time you wear the piece, put it facing away from you. After six months you will know what you wear and don’t wear regularly. If you haven’t worn it in six months, toss it.

Bedsheet Bundle – We all struggle with folding sheets, especially the one with the stretchy band. Somehow they end up mashed in the closet, which in turn creates a cluttered closet. TO avoid all this, fold the entire set as best you can, and place them inside one pillowcase. Easy right?

Four-box method – If a room in your house has a bunch of random things in it, it’s time to use the four box trick. Bring in three regular boxes and one trash can. Label these boxes, “trash, donate, storage, and put away”. Sort the items accordingly, and the room should be free in no time.

Use your trunk – After you have all your boxes lined up and ready, put them in your trunk immediately. If your car doesn’t have a trunk, place them at the door. Make a date to take it to Goodwill or wherever, and stick to it.

Charging drawer – Take all your clutter by your bed in your drawer. Drill a hole in your drawer and use that to feed your chargers into the drawer.

Kondo method - This comes from the Japanese, and it states, “If you don’t absolutely love an item, it shouldn’t be in your home”. So take a look around and figure out what you love, but remember these items don’t love you back.

Complete the cycle – This is all about daily routine. Spend a few minutes each day cleaning the heavy traffic areas of the house. Wash the dishes, sweep the floor, and wipe off countertops. Doing this everyday will keep that clean home vibe fresh in the house.

One in, one out – Self discipline is required for this tactic. Whenever you bring a new item into your home, a similar item must go. Stick to this and the slow gathering of junk will never be a problem.

Mobile office – Most home offices are littered with paper. Take a day and sort out your office and the paper that covers your desk and floors. Shred what you don’t need and it will be a weight lifted off your shoulder.

Buddy system – Don’t go after this task alone, you can become overwhelmed and give up. Have a buddy (wife/husband) go through it all with you. You all can be each other’s source of motivation and will have a better chance of getting it accomplished.


Hope this article has helped and made cleaning your home a bit easier.

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