Six Helpful Mobile Apps for House Hunters

1. Genius Scan

What it does: This is a document scanner in your pocket. This allows you to take a picture of a document and email it to anyone in PDF or JPEG format.

Why it's useful: Most real estate agents now use digital document signature software, which allows you to sign your name with one click. The faxing part is now outdated and is used on a device that you hold in your pocket. However, some agents are old school as well and do not accept this method of signatures.

2. Dictionary of Real Estate Terms.

What it does: This app allows you to look up the annoying real estate jargon into regular English at any time you want. The dictionary includes over 3000 real estate terms, charts and graphs. Your searches can be saved and emailed to friends without the use if the internet, which is helpful when you are inspecting a home without great WiFi.

Why it's useful: You will feel much more comfortable knowing what all these confusing terms mean in the process of your house hunt.

3. House Hunter

What it does: This app helps house hunters organize and prioritize the homes you've seen. This app also helps you evaluate home homes you've seen by placing a scorecard inside the app. This scorecard weighs features against what you've identified as requirements and priorities you listed as most important.  It includes a mortgage calculator, photo storage, and allows you to share you concern with your agent.

Why it's useful: When you're looking at five houses they will probably blend together. With this app you can take pictures and weigh the priorities that are most important to you.

4. SpringPad

What it does: This app helps you remember every single detail about a house you planned on remembering. You can:

  • Scan barcodes of home furniture and appliances you plan on buying after you move in.
  • Save ideas, addresses, online clippings from design and new sites, and to do lists from your mortgage broker.
  • Set reminders and share your notes with you agent, and even get email alerts with the special appliances you want goes on sale. 

Why it's useful: You can now organize countless amounts of information in your adventure to buy a house and access it wherever you are.

5. ColorSnap

What it does: Now you can take a picture of anything you want and discover the corresponsing Sherin-Williams paint color.

Why it's useful: If you see a wall color you like you can simply take a picture of it and replicate the color desired.

6. Karl's Mortgage Calculator

What it does: This app calculates your mortgage payments using the principal loan amount, interest and term. This app also gives a more precise idea of your monthly payments that normal calculators typically leave out. Normal calculators will leave out homeowner's dues and insurance, property taxes, and mortgage insurance. You will also be able to see the savings you could earn and how early you can pay off the mortgage.

Why it's useful: If you have a mortgage calculator, you can quickly calculate how a given increase in your offer price will change your monthly payments.

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