Snapchat and Real Estate

As a real estate agent it’s your job to advertise for yourself. Whether your platform is one of the various forms of social media, word-of-mouth, or if your reputation does all the work for you, you need to be the best at promoting your services.

Today’s agents are getting younger and they are using the many platforms of social media, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, etc. These are proving to work, but not all of them have been utilized to their full potential.

One of the growing tools for agents is Snapchat. Many agents are hesitant because they don’t understand it. But here is what you need to know to become a Snapchat star.

Be hyper-local – this means showing your face, and showing the hottest spots in town. Drive around the neighborhoods showing the real estate through video or picture. If you swipe right, there’s bound to be a “filter” that says if you’re in “old Louisville”, or “Crescent Hill”, and that can be very helpful.

Be authentic - Be yourself, show your excitement for what you do. If you come off as polished, so what, say what you have to in order to entice and show the Snapchat world what’s going on in the market.

Be patient – Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither will your snapchat follower base. Consider this more of a marathon than a sprint. It takes time to get your name out there and have people follow you. So keep doing what you do while staying cool, calm, and collected.

Download the Ghost Codes app – One snapchat guru is Carlos Gil. This app will tell you everything you need to know and show you how to do it too. It’s worth the time to figure out.

Start following some known real estate “snappers” to see how they do it. Once you have an idea of what to do, start your own and become the social media guru in your hometown. 

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