Spring Cleaning Tips: The Most Missed

Spring is just about here, so it’s time to start the season fresh with a fresh clean house. After this horribly long and gloomy winter, it’s time to bring out all the cleaning gear you’ve got and get to work. As important as spring cleaning is, don’t let it take up your entire weekend. Use these quick hacks to make it go by faster and more efficiently.

  1. Soak the oven racks in the tub: Never mind the self-cleaning oven. Lay a towel down in your bathtub and put the racks on it. Fill the water until the racks are submerged. Next, add one cup of dishwasher detergent or powdered laundry. Mix it up and let it soak overnight.
  2. Clean your bed with liquor: Vodka is good for more than just getting your buzz on. It can also eliminate and kill odor-causing bacteria and disinfect. Fill a spray bottle with a cheap bottle of vodka and lightly spray across your mattress. Let it air-dry before making your bed.
  3. Dust your ceiling fans with pillowcases: Ceilings aren’t easy to reach, and they can often cause a problem when cleaning them. A good way to make sure they don’t make a mess is to put a pillowcase over the blade and slide it down, trapping all the built up dust.
  4. Goodbye soap scum: Soap scum lines in bathtubs are disgusting, so rub baby oil over them and watch them disappear. A benefit of the baby oil is it will make future dirt and scum bead up and fall down, so no more rings!
  5. Give your pillows the fold-over test: You need to change your pillows every couple of years, so give them the test. If you can fold them in half and it springs back to normal, it’s still good to use. If it stays stuck in half, pitch that pillow and get yourself another one.
  6. Get streak free windows: The most effective way to clean your windows perfectly is to get a bucket of hot water, a teaspoon of dish soap, and a cup of white vinegar. Give them a good scrubbing, and use a squeegee to remove excess water. The key is to not have streaks, and that’s where the squeegee becomes a hero.

This is our type of cleaning. There is obviously more to be done, but these are some of the basics that are often missed. Once you get these clean, with your normal checklist, you’ll be feeling extra clean for spring!

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