Staging Your House Like A Pro

When you decide it's time to sell your house there's one thing you must do, and that is stage your home. If you stage it just right, potential buyers will see themselves comfortably living in the space they're looking at. 

Any room they can't see themselves inhabiting is a roadblock to a potential sale. A general rule to go by is to make them fall in love right when they walk in the door, without being too distracting. Follow the simple rules to stage your home properly and you're practically be pushed out of your house by the buyers!

No huge projects

A big fallacy sellers sometimes succumb to is they have to redo a certain part of the house. Your remodel for somebody else to live in may not fit their taste. So let them remodel if it's necessary. Instead of spending the money to remodel just give them a price reduction. This could save you a ton of trouble and time.

Paint in neutral

The quickest and most effective improvement a home can undergo is a new paint job. Having a fresh coat of paint stripes for a good first impression, and not to gross anyone out stick to the neutral colors like creams whites and a pale apricot.

Gray has been pretty hot lately however it does not always match everyone's furniture.

Throw power

A cheap way to stage your home is to get yourself a few throw pillows it doesn't have to be anything fancy, just something to spruce up the furniture will do. 

The room really starts to flow when the throes match the furniture in colors and patterns. 

Easy on your own tastes

If your personality is very neutral you're in luck, but if it's not then it needs to come down.

Often times buyers get distracted by your personal photos and art pieces so much they don't see themselves living there. If your lifestyle of messiness is on display that will surely turn off any onlookers.

It's not a bad idea to put away your jewelry and medications either, they've been known to disappear during open houses.

Pack early

It's never a bad idea to pack up and clear out early. If you choose to leave in a hurry, try boxing all of your stuff and putting it in the garage or a storage unit. Some companies even offer mobile storage units.

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