Stop Complicating the Uncomplicated Things

Things today are over complicated. There is paperwork for everything. There are special passwords for different accounts, special characters for each password, cannot have numbers in that password for this account etc. The markets (any market) are so specific.

     A market is only as good as its basic participants. One person has something to sell while the other wants to buy. If these happen to be the same thing, then both parties would find the value of that something and make a sale or transaction and swap resources. Simple. If there are enough of these transactions then you have yourself a market. depending on which political party you are talking to, or which news station you are watching, they'll tell you different interpretations of the same information regarding any market. But the complications come in when there are artificial interferences that happen  to change the market. No one likes complicated issues, so why don't we break it down to its simplest elements.

     Shelter is a basic necessity of life, everyone needs it. As Jim Weichert says, "if it has a door and you can finance it for 30 years at 5%, buy it", or something close to that. It really doesn't get much simpler than that. one person wants a home, and one person is looking to sell it. It is the real estate agents job to get those people together to work out price, time, and all the other factors involved. The agent has created their own market if they do that enough.

Make your own market, make it simple, and make it uncomplicated.

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