Survey: Buying Online is Becoming A Trend

An online brokerage firm called surveyed 1,000 future home buyers and c determined they are becoming more familiar, and quite comfortable with the home buying process. Another conclusion was they are becoming more self-reliant with buying homes.

The findings of the report stated that 80% of the buyers believe that the market will be just as good, or better, than it was give years ago; and that mortgage interests rates are “somewhat to very important” in their decision when to buy.

Exactly 69% of the buyers graded themselves with an “A” or “B” in terms of understanding the home-buying process. It’s fair to say they are confident in navigating themselves through the real estate market.

Here’s another fun number: 73% said they would search for homes online, and 53% would book online home tours. 43% said they might go for online financing products and 27% would send a purchase offer online.

There are a lot of positive feelings towards this spring season. One area buyers are willing to explore a bit more is the online real estate market. They get to learn the process themselves all while saving time and money. This trend is expected to only go up.

For the fancy buyers, 29% had a dream of a full smart kitchen, and 19% wanted a spa bathroom.

33 of buyers said they would surely upgrade to a better home, 25% would invest in real estate, and 24% would relocate to a totally new area.

And let’s not forget, 80% think this year will be the same, if not better than the past 5 years. Let’s hope they are right!


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