The Choices of Natural Flooring

Quite a number of important things are going green these days. One of them is a non-toxic flooring choice. Most homeowners are giving up on the formaldehyde drenched fibers of yesterday and moving on to new a better things.

The first thing you need to do is to decide which type of flooring works best for you and your home. Whatever you choose make sure you committ to it and go and get it.All natural hardwoods work well with living rooms and bedrooms, but they don't like moiste bathrooms. Time will have a much more visible effect on the wood floor in the bathroom than anyt other room. Tile works well for every room, but it's time consuming. Carpet is also good, but finding a non-toxic carpet can be difficult. 

The next step is to decide upon a budget. There are options for all price ranges.

For instance, going green and wanting carpet doesn't mean you have to give up on the warmth that carpet provides. Traditional carpet can be somewhat cheap, the padding and glues beneath is can be the toxic underliers. The EPA claims that airborne formaldehyde really irritates the upper and lower respiratory systems. 10-20% of the U.S. population, including asthmatics are really allergic to these airborne toxins, and it's not a pleasant experience.

Wool carpets are pretty, comfy, and can save you big when it comes to durability and green status. Go online and find a wool carpet store in your community.

If you want a wood, bamboo is a truely renewable source. Even though it's not a hardwood, it looks like one, and it's one of the least expensive floors.

natural stained hardwoods are another great choice. However, the stains produce fumes into your home for years just like paints do. Look for natural stain options. Hardwood will last for years and will only need little care throughout the years.

Lastly, consider the beenfits of tile. Stone tile is unique in the way that it comes right from the earth and onto your floor requiring no chemical treatment. It's user friendly to maintain, and doesn't require any VOC finishes.

Green flooring options are out there for the right price, you just have to find them. Goodluck!

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