The Golden Rule To Selling Your Posch Palace

You've completed all the greatest renovations on your new home by hiring a designer, shifted the Fung Shui till good auras were flowing out from every piece of furniture in the house. Even though you've spent a huge amount of money renovating, it's a given from day one in the luxary buyer's market the buyer will come in and redo everything.

The buyer of your lovely mansion will sand the floors restain them, strip the bathroom and redo it, paint a few walls, add a deck, change the cabinets all because it's their taste, not yours. This is the luxary buyers market, and they're going to make their newly bought home fit to their style. So what should you do?

The golden rule here is not to look at your posch palace as your maticously designed home, instead it is a commodity. All the effort and money you've put into designing your home is hopefully the thing that will allow you to sell your home quickly and at the right price. It is unlikely that you're home will sell better than the market, so get a good agent, a great CMA, and price your mansion right. In this market, you'll probably get lower than you want, and that's why it's important who will get a good agent who will actually sell the true value of your home instead of testing the market with a price above what other homes are selling for.

Just remember your home is now a commodity, and people want it. Be sure to stage it properly and sell it like it's the best house in the world. Also be ready for potential buyers to bring in their cabinet maker to see what possible work could be done during an open house.

You love your home now, but you'll love your next one too. One last positive note to keep in mind is that your next home will most likely be selling less than it has in a decade or more.

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