The Right Way to Stage a Home for a Photo Shoot

First impressions last forever, and when it comes to selling your house, you only have one shot to impress the potential buyer. Their attention span only last a few seconds when scrolling through pictures, and if left unimpressed, they’ll gladly click to the next home. If you fail to stage your home properly you could lose out on a sale without ever knowing it.

Most buyers today search online first. Photos happen to be the primary factors in letting buyers decide which homes they like or dislike.  Once they see a home online they like, they’re more likely to ask to see it in person. Staging a home can be highly beneficial and can bring you a tremendous return on investment. There have been homes that look better staged than when families were living in them, which gives the home a little more value than they intended to sell it for.

Follow these home staging tips to help you in your sale.

Accessorize smartly

Accessorizing a room is quite easy, and gives it a fresh up-to-date look.  A new couch pillow, and some coffee table books or magazines can go a long way. Having tasteful art hanging above your fireplace and on your walls brings color to the rooms. For some reason, having an odd number of art pieces is better than having an even number.

Do not over-accessorize

Accessories are nice, but don’t over- do it. In this instance think, “less is more”. If you have too many books on a table, or too much art, it can really turn buyers off, making them feel cramped and cluttered. If you want to make it perfect, try organizing them by size and color. Professional home stagers will have a pile of items that they don’t want buyers to see, so take this stuff out of the home and into a storage unit or somewhere out of sight. Your home will look much more spacious without all this stuff in it.

Get rid of the props

Big bowls of plastic fruit are nice and everything, but they don’t really do much at all in terms of benefitting a room. Some items can become a distraction rather than being helpful. So keep the fancy bottle of wine and wine glasses off the main stage.

Pay attention to the bathroom

The bathroom(s) is one of the most crucial rooms to keep clean during staging. These are heavily scrutinized when being looked at by anyone, via online or in person. If your bathroom is outdated, clear everything off the counter except for the soap, and put them on a shelf for display. Get yourself a fresh shower curtain, and make sure the toilet seat lid is closed. If people see a dirty toilet, they’ll probably walk out right then and there.

Don’t overlook the small stuff

Do not forget about the boxes hidden under your bed, or the ones in the closet. Remember first impressions last forever, and if your house blends in with stuff littered in closest, buyers will easily overlook yours. What you should do is hide your cables and wires, don’t take pictures with the TV on in the background, move your cars out of the driveway and park them down the street, and take your photos at dusk, or on an overcast day.

Clean everything

When we say everything we mean everything. Scrub the hell out of all countertops, floors, walls, furniture, windows, etc. You might not notice what’s dirty, so ask a friend or a neighbor for a helping eye. Potential buyers could wonder what other dirt is hiding in the home if there’s dirt hanging around in the open.  

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