The Selling Power of a Simple Closet

Closets are often times overlooked. They seem like an unimportant room, but actually closets are significant. Every family needs storage for clothes, food, cleaning supplies, and old personal items. But a closet can be useful and a real selling item in a house. 

The first thing you want to do with a closet is to get rid of all the clutter in it. Throw away the items you havent used or even seen in the past three years. Ready buyers will be turned off when they see what junk you have stored in there, so as a general rule of thumb, if you havent used it in the past three years just get rid of it. Sell it in a yard sale, donate it, or gifting it to a friend. You'll forget about those items rather quickly and your closet will thank you later. 

Next you want to organize your closet. Color code or group similar items. Store away seasonal clothes, put shoe boxes in one corner and jackets in the other. Tame your shoes with shoe racks beacuse you always want to see the floor of your closet.

Use the same method with your kitchen pantry and bedroom closets. Every closet needs shelving. Go to the inexpensive route if you must, but get some shelves and mount them on the wall. It provides much better organization. If your budget allows, custom built-in units can impress your potential buyer and set you apart from the rest of the houses.

Walk-in closets are huge selling points in a home, so you should maximize space to make them look even bigger and better.

The main key with closets is to organize them by keeping them nice and tidy so buyers can see their true size. Buyers will become turned off if they see your clutter, so instead inspire them with a spacious closet.

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