The Troubles with Moving

Moving is always the worst part about selling or buying a home and it can be a nightmare if you don’t have a strategy to tackle it effectively. Problems can happen at any moment, and at any stage in the process, so it’s best to know the possibilities and how to prepare for them. Here are the top three most common moving hassles, and how they play out.

Bad movers

Movers are late or don’t show up – You have agreed upon a specific date and time for the moving company to help you load and haul away your belongings, but no truck ever comes. Right when you get on the phone to complain here they come. They’ll probably tell you a list of excuses (traffic, broken down, lost etc.) but it doesn’t help your added anxiety and lost time. Sometimes you are sold to fake moving companies and they are long gone with your deposit money.

Movers are careless and inexperienced – If they arrive in a tiny truck and without the tools needed to move large items you could be in trouble. This can turn into a nightmare rather quickly as they won’t have the know-how to handle such large items, and only create more problems for you. They have the potential to destroy items without the right moving equipment.

Movers are scam artists – There are moving scam artists out there, and it’s up to you to spot them before they spot you. They will demand more money than originally agreed upon due to extra services, and could hold on to your stuff until you pay them.

The way to avoid these nightmare movers is to do your research and hire credible movers. Having insurance on some of your belongings isn’t a bad idea either.

Traffic problems

Traffic jams – If traffic gets so bad it delays to moving truck, they may run out of time to help you move that day. You are potentially looking at having to reschedule.

Traffic accidents – If there’s an accident and the truck is stuck on the highway this will definitely hold you up. Your stuff could be damaged from the accident, but hopefully not. Just pray the driver knows what he’s doing and can avoid an accident for the entirety of the move.

Breakdown – If the truck breakdown you have no other option but to wait for the moving company to send another truck. This opens up the possibility for your stuff to be damaged while being transferred.

Parking issues – The moving truck may not be able to fit in the designated parking spot, or may have to circle the neighborhood until someone leaves to free a space. This will cost you time, and maybe money.

There’s little you can do for traffic issues and accidents, but you can go ahead of the truck and try to reserve a parking spot. Getting a company that has experienced drivers will boost your chances in having an accident-free move.

Poor organization

Packing chaos – It’s pretty common for people to pack more items than discussed with the movers. It could be you haven’t gotten everything labeled, forgot the essentials box, or the worst is not being ready once the movers arrive. Your lack of preparation in packing could result in lost time and money.

Furniture troubles – If some of your furniture doesn’t fit through the doors, you could be forced to abandon it. If you must have it and go through a hoisting service, you could be out a lot of money.

Paperwork problems – If you neglect to transfer the utilities, you could be out of luck with gas, water, etc. Not changing your address will result in no more mail and a possible fine from the DMV if you don’t tell them you are changing addresses.

 Overspending – When you book your moving company at the last minute, and ask too much of them it will cost you extra. 
Safety issues­ – Safety first! Make every effort you can to ensure the safety of everyone involved, because getting hurt is one of the worst things that can happen on moving day.

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