Think About the Exterior Before Buying

It isn’t difficult to become fixated on one particular house when house hunting. When you find the one you love you will be willing to do almost anything to get it. Before you set your heart on a particular home, take a second look of the outside before making an offer. Any home isn’t truly a great home unless it can pass an extensive exterior test. Below is what you should look for on the outside.

Trees a foliage

The first thing you want to look at are trees and foliage. Are the trees close to the foundation of the house? If they get too big their roots can cause problems. IF the tree was removed, the roots left behind will rot and create problems as well. Consider calling in a foundation expert during the inspection  

A lot of trees grow so large their limbs grow over the home, sometimes causing damage to the roof shingles. Critters, like squirrels, opossums, or other rodents can use these limbs to seek shelter in your home, and then you have a bigger problem.

If you know this is the house you want, you may want to ask the seller to trim foliage away from the home. This will eliminate the possibility of termites, or carpenter ants.


Cracks in your foundation are a huge problem because it allows in moisture. This allows for leaks in your foundation and water destroys most household features. Moisture creates mold which is never good, and can erode the concrete in your foundation. Check this area very carefully, and if there is a problem, try to make sure it is fixed as part of the negotiation.


If a pool comes with the house there are a few “must ask” questions – how old is the liner? Has it been resurfaced? How old is the equipment?

Either way, have a pool company do a proper inspection so you know what you are walking into.


Just because there are a couple issues with the exterior of the home doesn’t mean the home is gone forever. Look over your inspection reports and request the seller make the proper repairs, or offer some type of compensation once the deal is done.

Pass with flying colors

Even if the landscape reports show absolutely no problems, take into consideration the future maintenance of the property.

Keep the foliage pruned and watch for insects that come into contact with the home. Know exactly what type of grass you have, and take care of properly. Once a month check your irrigation systems and watering timers. Check your landscape lighting regularly to make sure everything is working properly.

Curb appeal is more than your dazzling mailbox

Your curb appeal doesn’t just show your new mailbox and flowerbed; it’s everything. Be sure to have an expert check all areas of the exterior of the house, and once the reports come back you will make the right decision. 

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