Three Deal Breakers for Home Buyers

When searching for a home, everyone has in mind exactly what they’re looking for. Home buyers hunt and walk through dozens of homes before even finding one they kind of like. Then it finally happens, they find the one they love. During the hunting process home buyers are searching for aspects of the home that they can change or alter to improve the value. Sometimes they may even love a home, knowing they can’t change some parts of it.

Here are three significant considerations to consider before deciding whether to put an offer on a house you love or not.


The old real estate cliché, “location, location, location” isn’t at the top of importance just because. It’s one of the most important factors of a home, and unless you plan on making it a historical spot, you cannot change this aspect.

If the home sits on a busy road, across from a popular shopping center in town, or next to the highway, take this into consideration. This home will always be worth a little less than a similar home nearby.

If you are willing to sacrifice to get into the school district or neighborhood you’ve always dreamed of, keep on looking. Once you get the location, nobody but Uncle Sam can take that away from you.

Floor plan

Old homes with closed off kitchens are out in today’s market. It’s a thing of the past. People today want open kitchen plans that look into other rooms. If you think you can just open up the kitchen to allow people to see into the family room, think again.

To make this change will require a lot of construction, money, resources, and is quite a project. It also takes a significant ant amount of time. Think about it, you will be making architectural drawings, tearing out a wall(s), putting up temporary walls, installing beams to carry wider loads, and risking your kitchen ceiling falling through in the process.

This type of renovation isn’t for the faint of heart, and if you get an undesirable layout it could reduce the value of the home.

If you love a certain part of the home, but the floor plan is off, your best bet is to keep searching.

Lot placement

Antique homes built forever ago are known for being right by the roads, and usually busy ones. Way back when people, people walked, or rode in a horse carriage so being near the road was a lot more convenient.

A few hundred years later homebuyers want privacy and some quiet while they live in their home. They prefer a home that sits in the back, far from the road.

Homes on the corner, or a flag-shaped lot where you must drive past your neighbor’s home to get to yours can also be too exposed for some buyers. As awesome as the interior of the house may be, the lot means a ton, and can affect the home’s value. Choose this one wisely.

Finding the perfect fit

The typical real estate agent looks at 15-20 homes per week, and after dealing with all those buyers and sellers they often get schooled on floor plans, locations, layouts, school districts, and neighborhoods. With time, they come to know the smell of trouble spots quickly.

Home buyers beginning their search probably don’t know what they’re looking for, or what to expect. Ask your agent to look out for the things you should not ignore. 

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