Three Simple Ways to Avoid Moving scams

     Everyone knows the complexities of moving, but it can be much worse when you realize you've been taken advantage of by a mover who has several operating rings out there. that's why it's critically important that consumers are put in a position to know how to avoid being scammed. Not only will you be able to have that piece of mind knowing you didn't get ripped off, but you will also be able to feel the enjoyment of your new home. Keep these three things in mind when moving.

     1. Get Multiple moving Quotes- The best way to spot a scam from the beginning is to compare competitors. Try at least five different moving companies. Having five different quotes will allow you to see the average price range for their service, and spot which ones are looking to take more of your wallet. If you see another company that is drastically lower than the rest, you should immediately think there is something wrong.

     2. Get Binding Moving Estimates- A binding moving estimate is just a legal document reporting everything about your move, including the costs that you will pay from the company. This is the contract you and your moving company will have to abide by. When you have a regular moving estimate, there is no law stating that the movers have to abide by it. However, if you have a binding estimate the movers cannot charge you more than 110% of what the cost is.

     3. Know the Best Moving Practices- Know what you're getting into, how to go about dealing with movers, and know what your rights and responsibilities are so you know you will not be taken advantage of. From tipping, to dealing with demands for deposits when scheduling your move, do some research to know how to handle each aspect of the moving process. Be sure to look at the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's website designed to specifically for consumers who are moving. In the end, knowing how to protect yourself will save you time and money and avoiding these scams.

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