Tips For Buying Furniture On A Budget

It takes a special type of person to absolutely love furniture shopping, but for the rest of us, we hate to love it. Through all the prep work like looking through magazines, browsing online, and measuring them to see where pieces fit in your home, there’s still the part of actually going to the store. This is the part that can be a hassle.

First you deal with pushy salespeople, and then you get to try out the pieces you like, and eliminate the ones you don’t. After what seems to be forever just browsing for furniture, the time to actually pay hundreds, if not thousands of dollars is fast approaching.

It’s no secret furniture is expensive, but what is a secret is you don’t have to spend a fortune on all new pieces. Furniture stores have secrets of their own they don’t want you to know about. These secrets once known can end up saving you big bucks.

Call the stores before you go

Furniture stores always have bargains going on. They want to get rid of their inventory as quickly as possible, so they incentivize buyers through constant bargains. Comparing prices in different stores and calling ahead you will surely find a bargain.

Some stores price the exact same piece of furniture significantly higher because they think someone will pay that much, and most of the time they will.

Knowing what you want and calling ahead to several stores will end up saving you time and energy in the long run.

Walk a little farther

Walk the entire perimeter of the store. Hiding in the open, back corners of stores are where the real discounts are. These items have minor imperfections like scratches, rips, etc. Others can be floor models they just want rid of, and are willing to sell it at a huge discount. This is where mega-savings will happen.  

Get the register discounts

Sometimes you can save at the register. Items can be on sale, but the true bottom line price is what the company has entered into their computer systems. Simply asking what that price is, and if you can have it could get you the absolute lowest price.

Purchase used

Some pieces of furniture are bought impulsively and are soon returned when the buyer realized it just doesn’t fit. As the old adage goes, “One man’s junk is another man’s treasure”. All you need to do is ask the salesperson to show you the returned items.

Learn to haggle

Negotiation skills are a great weapon to have in your arsenal. You can negotiate for cars, houses, and even furniture. It takes a little nerve to haggle on the price of anything, but if you’re good at it you can save yourself some money.

Managers, and sometimes sales persons, have the ability to reduce the price on items even further than the discounted price. They could find a coupon in a drawer, extend the holiday sale, and even waive delivery charges. All you have to do is ask; and if you don’t ask you won’t receive.

Reassess the warranty

For expensive items warranties can be a great thing. These warranties cover the cost of repairs beyond the manufacturer’s warranty.  It’s better to be safe than sorry with pricey items.

However, warranties are where a lot of furniture companies make a big chunk of their money. They aren’t cheap, and it can put a hefty dent in your wallet. Buyers make big mistakes when they buy a warranty for something that is actually worth more than the item itself. Do a little math and see if it’s actually worth it to purchase the warranty.

Use coupons

U.S. post offices have a free packet called a “moving packet” filled with coupons. They are to hardware stores, moving stores, and anything really home related. You don’t have to be moving to get one.

Realtors use these as a marketing tool. The secret to coupons is just asking. Because most stores are trying to get rid of their inventory, chances are they are offering deals, so ask for a coupon.

Go for senior discount

A lot of stores offer discounts for customers over 55 years-old. The amount of your discount could also depend on how you pay, cash or credit. The best bet would be cash, since it is king after all.

Call the store ahead of time and ask if they offer senior citizen discounts, instead of just showing up expecting one. Don’t be embarrassed to ask for the discount, your wrinkles show your age and your bank account won’t hurt as bad as it could have.

Shop at estate sales

Estate sales are great places find good furniture for a fraction of the price. I have sold items in an estate sale and let really good pieces of furniture go for dirt cheap. The people who were there were the real winners.

Be sure to arrive early, have in mind what you want to buy, choose the older furniture that’s built to last, and wait until the end if see if you can get a little more price drop on a certain item.


Stores really don’t want you to up cycle your existing homes furniture. Simply putting a little elbow grease and refinishing your furniture could save a ton of money. If you can use it somewhere else in the house, or for a different purpose than in the past, you are recycling right!



#1 Posted by Jade Brunet at 2/14/2017 5:20 PM
Calling a store before visiting would be a great idea when buying furniture. It would be helpful to find what the service has in stock. Something to think about would be to buy furniture that makes you happy since you will be seeing it each day.

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