Tips for Cutting Energy Bills During Winter

Winter is here, and the temperatures about to drop while your energy bills rise. I’m going to let you in on a few tips to save some money on your energy bills this winter. These are fairly easy to do and should save you a noticeable amount of money.

The whole point to saving energy is keeping the heat locked inside the house, so your heating system won’t have to be working around the clock. Most of all heat that escapes the house, escapes through doors and windows. This is a relatively quick fix- try weather-stripping, spray-foam insulation, plastic window film, heavy curtains, and even make-shift door sealers. These all should reduce the amount of heat that escapes. But if you really want to get serious about keeping in the heat, investing in high-grade windows will do the trick. Ask a local window and pane company which windows are ideal for winter.

The next best investment you can make is a Wi-Fi connected programmable thermostat. These new age thermostats allow you to control your homes temperature though your smartphone. How many times have you left for work in the morning without turning off your heat and warmed and empty house; same for air conditioning? There is also the benefit of switching on your heat on the way home from work and coming home to a toasty house. Not only is that efficient, but it’s also smart.  

Another helpful tip is to get an energy monitor. These allow for homeowners to observe how much energy they’re using. It can show how quicker showers over a month can make a difference. It will subconsciously remind you to turn off lights when leaving a room.  Maybe a drying rack should be brought out instead of tumble drying clothes one last time?

The last tip is to switch to LED bulbs. Reasons why:

  • LED lights are brighter while using less wattage
  • They last 50x longer
  • They don’t emit nearly as much heat as the incandescent bulbs, reducing the risk of a fire

Yes, these bulbs do cost a tad more than the standard bulbs, but in the long run you will notice the price of your energy bill drop. It’s a long term investment, not so much a “going green” movement.

                I hope these tips help! Good luck staying warm this winter!

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