Tips to Sell Your Home in the Winter

Everyone knows spring and fall are the traditional prime-time seasons for selling a home, but sometimes life doesn’t go as planned and requires homes to be sold in the winter. One good thing about this is that with the plethora of technology available from your smart-phone selling in mid-winter isn’t all that difficult. The supply of homes on the market will be light to begin with, and buyers will still be looking.  Since you are selling in the winter, buyers will look the other way on the landscape. There are other areas to pay attention to.

Be sure the home is easily accessible- If bad weather happens to hit while your home is on the market be sure to clear the driveway of any snow/ice. Clear off all pathways, sidewalks, and steps. A buyer could pop up at anytime wanting to see the house.

Keep the heat on- Nothing is more off-putting than walking into a cold home. Because it isn’t “inviting” it affects the buyers’ senses. A cold reception will leave the buyer with a negative first impression. Keep the heat on and make sure the house is warm and cozy.

Show off your winter wonders- If you have a fireplace in your house, now is the time to show it off! Everyone loves a real fire inside a real fireplace. It provides an ambiance that is second to none, and a comforting feeling. Ask your agent just to be sure the fire is appropriate during this time. It could also be a nice tough to keep the wood by the fire just for show.

Let buyers see your outside attributes- During warmer months buyers like to step outside on the deck and into the backyard for a look around. They are feeling out what the lot is like, and the scenery. Since buyers will be less likely to do this during the winter, make sure these features (pool, patio, deck, etc.) are visible from the window. If snow happens to be covering these features, be sure to make sure the buyer knows about them. It isn’t a bad idea to have pictures during warmer months incase snow is covering them up.


Best of Luck!

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