To Claim or Not to Claim, That is the Question

Disasters in your home happen when you are ready for them or not, but that is why you have homeowners insurance, and hopefully the premiums you pay will come in handy. What will happen when your pipes burst in your new home, or your roof falls in and destroys an entire room? You have two options, make a claim and risk having higher premiums, or tough it out and pay for it out of your pocket. How will you know which road to take? Let us help you.

Burst Pipes

This is one of the worst things that can happen to your home in the winter. The plumbing systems are exposed to the elements of outside, and with poor insulation this can do major damage to your home. Your pipes could explode leaving you with a hell of a mess. This is one example that you will have to use your insurance policy. There will be damaged wood, maybe floors, cabinets, and you will be staying in a hotel for the duration of the repair. If it’s a small PVC pip3e and a small leak, you can fix that by yourself, or have a contractor repair it.

Leaky Roof

Leaky roofs leave bold stain marks on ceilings or walls, and can be much more troublesome when ignored. Be sure to check your roof to make sure there’s not a huge hole. Most roofs are covered under your homeowners insurance, but the cause of the repair is typically out of pocket. This is one you may want to pay for yourself.

Damage from a natural disaster

Natural disasters are surely worth filing a claim. If your home is damaged by a tornado, tsunami, earthquake, forest fire, etc. assuming you have the proper coverage. If the damage is substantial then you won’t have a choice, because most people don’t have cash on hand to repair their entire home. If you have a small side of your house blown off, you can probably afford to fix it yourself. The thing here is that you will want to save your homeowners insurance for the big tragedy.

House fire

This is tricky because it depends on whom or what started the fire; basically whose fault it was. You must be careful before filing a claim. You have to ask yourself if your insurance company will go after the responsible party like a negligent contractor, or manufacturer. As long as you weren’t smoking in bed, or left a candle lit all night, you can probably file the claim.

Injury on your property

Injuries are also tricky. They can range from dog bites, to trampolines, to swimming pools etc. Dog bites usually require claims to be submitted. Injuries usually aren’t small bills to pay. If you think you can handle the bill by yourself, then go ahead, but sometimes to injured party wants to get as much as they can out of it. Your coverage can be denied if you try settling yourself, and find yourself unable to. You should always submit a liability claim as it will serve as your defense as well. 

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