Top 10 Home Tools

     Not every home owner is supposed to be the master handyman. But most home repairs are simple and should be easy enough that everyone can do them. Here is a list of the top 10 tools homeowners should have and know how to use.

     Number one is the screwdriver. Invest in both the Philips head and flat head. You can tighten drawers, cabinets, and all the countless children's toys laying around the house. Next you will need a hammer. How to use this is pretty self-explanatory, but they're also useful in removing small nails here and there.

     Get yourself an electronic drill. I prefer battery operated ones vs. ones with the cord. Countless home projects can be solved with a drill. Pliers are a really handy tool. You will find ways to use them everyday if you try. Tightening and loosing bolts are a prime example of how they're used.

     Get a tape measures. Measuring things left and right is always useful. Next get yourself a shop vac. These machines can clean anything everywhere. They're good for removing standing water, cob webs in hard to reach places, and anywhere holding dirt in a crevasse.

     Exacto blades are an awesome tool. Opening boxes, cutting perfect angles, cutting roof shingles, etc. The list can never end with this tool. Get one! Chop saws might intimidate some home owners, but they're great for cutting trim, moulding, and even decks. Finally use a level to hang the perfect frame. Sometimes our eyes deceive us, so get a level and make it perfect.

     All these tools can be used by anyone, male or female. They are great for simple home projects and hold a lifetime value. They will be good for hundreds of repairs. You'll save money doing things yourself and have a sense of pride that you did it yourself.

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