Top 10 Kitchen Remodels to Not Get Burned By

Remodeling your kitchen is one of the best things a homeowner can do for their house, also one of the most expensive. This can add thousands of dollars to the value of your home, but it’s crucial it is done right. With all the options available to you, that many more things can go wrong, and this month long kitchen project can be extended a lot longer. No one wants this. 

Before you start destroying your kitchen, read these top 10 tips to avoid so you aren’t up the creek without a paddle midway through. 

1.       Don’t overspend – Take a look at the market and decide which level of upgrade is most appropriate for you. Search the low, middle, and expensive upgrades; some can range from a simple $2,000 paint job, up to $50,000 complete renovation with countertops and appliances. If you are friends with your neighbors, ask to look at theirs to see what kind of kitchen they have. This can keep you from over/under spending. 

2.       Avoid an identity crisis – Don’t try to make a home into something it was not intended to be. This means if a single story 70’s ranch is turned into a contemporary luxury estate, it’s not going to fit. All homes are built with a certain architectural style in mind, and straying too far from that during a remodel can be disastrous.  You’re spending too much money to create a kitchen that looks out of place. 

3.       Keep the plumbing where it is – Moving water and gas lines to match up with sinks, ovens, stoves, etc. can cost you out the wazoo. Leave them alone to keep some money in your pocket. 

4.       Watch out for the wrong floor plan – If new appliances isn’t in the budget this time around, keep your floor plan at the front of your mind. Is the pattern still the same between the sink, dishwasher, and refrigerator? Make sure everything is the way it was so it’s not a mess every time you have to take a dish from the sink to the dishwasher across the kitchen. 

5.       Don’t trash existing cabinets – If your cabinets are still good, then lucky you. Since cabinets are the most expensive parts of a kitchen, this should be the first thing you look at. Giving cabinets a makeover is quite easy whether you are adding new doors, repainting, or relaminating the fronts and sides. 

6.       Never DIY spray paint – Clean and sand your cabinets, then hire a professional painter to spray paint them. Doing it yourself with some cans from Home Depot just won’t have the same appeal. Professionals have the special touch to make old cabinets look brand new. 

7.       Don’t skimp on new hardware – Choose the best doorknobs and handles that accent your architectural style, and don’t cut any corners. It will stand out and be quite obvious you shopped for 2 minutes. Don’t forget about the hinges that are old and painted over. This might be the cheapest part of a kitchen that makes it look the best. 

8.       Take advantage of free advice – go to the big home improvement stores and hang out a bit. They have tools and people there who are willing you give you advice. They’ll be glad to help with all types of home improvements. 

9.       Don’t mismatch appliances – Stick to the same brand when you are buying new appliances. Manufactures have begun making sets of appliances that have the same look and style among products. These are your best bet for good looking appliances. 

10.   Budget for sinks and fixtures – Try and get the best possible faucet with the pullout spray handle head. These are necessary for every home. The biggest difference in these is they cost roughly $50 - $75 more for the good ones. Just like your appliances, stay with the same fixture finish, as it will look awkward if inconsistent.

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