Top 5 Things Buyers Want From Their Real Estate Agents

Here are the top five most important traits home buyers want from their real estate agents.


  1. Honest and Credibility: This stems from buyers having terrible past experiences with their real estate agents. These agents would be rather pushy, trying to get them to buy a more expensive house, and the urgency agents placed on the buyer. Everyone knows how difficult it can be to trust anyone in real estate today, so that is why it is essential for agents to help them feel more comfortable.
  2. Area Familiarity: Buyers look heavily on which agents who sell homes in a specific neighborhood, but also which ones know the neighborhood well. They want to know which agent can tell them about the local schools, parks, restaurants, safety, and even the hidden gems of the neighborhood.
  3. Good Follow Through: The most frustrating aspect for buyers is when they wait forever for their agent to do what they promised they would do. If an agent says they will do something, it is expected to be done relatively soon. It is ok to gently remind them here and there to make sure they still know it has to be done. Agents should do what they say they will, with some honesty, and this will help the buyer feel they can trust a little bit more.
  4. Organization: If you are honest, know the neighborhood like the back of your hand, and try your hardest to follow through but it’s difficult to return every phone call, text message, and email. Home buyers expect you to at least be organized and have your stuff together. Just be organized and following through won’t be such a problem.
  5. Good Listener: Most of all, agents should be expert listeners. Agents shouldn’t assume their client wants this, or would look good in this house. They want an agent who will listen to their wants and needs, and one who asks questions to understand what they are truly looking for.  

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