Top Seven Home Designs for 2012

In the middle of the muck of the housing market are home design trends rising for 2012. Let's take a look at the top seven of them.

1. Home Size is Decreasing.

     Louisville is seeing less homes being built, and the ones that are being built are smaller in square feet on average. Families are choosing to build smaller, more effecient homes. This trend began in 2007, and the total square footage has been decreasing every year. It looks like it will continue to decrease through 2012.

2. Green Building Components.

     Most Americans are valuing green building materials more and more each month. This trend will not have an end in the future. A related concept is utilizing repurposed materials (recycling). So designers are finding these old recycables and reusing them in homes, which some actually do look pretty nice.

3. Reducing Home Maintenance.

     As we get older we won't want to keep up with more and more maintenance. Maintenance-free living is the preferred path for most home owners, but it is inevitable. However, maintenance-free living will be a major factor for homes design. Using composite building materials instead of wood reduces the need for a painter to paint the walls. Vinyl siding improves exterior of the home for the long run.

4. Flexible, Accessible Layouts.

     Rooms with multiple room options give home owners flexibility in choosing which room they want to serve what purpose. Larger kitchens that can hold a family dinner are replacing traditional dining rooms. Accessibility is also a new home design trend that is catching on fairly fast. People are living longer in this time period. So you will see wider door frames, lower sinks, more wheelchair ramps, and more grab bars the bathroom. Single story homes will fetch a higher price than multi-level homes (per sq. ft.) and more interested buyers due to the accessibility factor.

5. Bringing the Outside In.

     Since new homes being built are generally smaller (trend 1) there is a large urger to bring much of the outdoors inside. Architects and designers are working hard to maximize the indoor space, while trying to bring the outside in by building bigger windows in unfamiliar places.

6. Smart Storage Solutions.

     every family has a need for storage despite the home sizes shrinking.  Large closets are critical, but deep storage space is a definite plus. Home owners really value extra storage spaces for today's style of living.

7. Long-term Living.

     The average family moves every 6.5 years. Ten years ago that number was higher, but has been decreasing with time. As the economy dipped recently, it is expected that number will level off and potentially rise again while families consider their home as more of an investment.

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