Top Ten Most Helpful Home Renovation Apps Pt. 1

     Today's homes are smarter than ever, and the info you will need to plan and organize the remodeling of your home can fit in your pocket. If you want to choose which paint color looks best in your bedroom, or find a new coffee table for your living room, or how to renovate your kitchen, it can all be found on these apps! It's just as effective as hiring your own personal decorator. 

     Here are the first 5 of the top ten, easiest to use apps that can assist you in your home improvement.
1. Houzz. (FREE, iPhone,iPad, & Android) - if you are thinking of remodeling look at this app. It's essentially a picture gallery that can be broken down by room, style, location, and even furniture type. It allows you to save photos of the pictures you like. A cool feature it holds is being able to search for an specific paint brand and color and finding real homes that have used it. This way you can see what s finished room looks like in that color. 
2. Roomscan (FREE, iPhone)- this app draws out a rooms floor plan fairly fast. All that is required is placing your phone from wall to wall. So forget measuring out the room, and use your phone. This even works for oddly shaped rooms like "L" or rectangle shape rooms.
3. RoomHints (FREE, iPhone)- ever wanted to ask a large number of people about which decor looks best? This is the app for you. Simply take a photo of the room you're looking to decorate and upload it. In no time you will have people commenting on the picture with recommendations. Something great about this app is you can save your favorite comments and don't have to search through every single one of them to find it again. 
4. Snapshop (FREE, iPhone & iPad)- the hardest part about shopping for new furniture is visualizing how it will look in your home. What is so cool about this app is you just have to take a couple pictures of the room, and take another one of the piece of decor you're looking at and it will show you what it looks like in that room. You can even rotate the piece to check out all the possibilities. 
5. Mark on Call ($5, iPhone & iPad)- Mark Lewison, the interior designer made this app, so it is geared towards the professionals. However, if you have the stomach to tackle your own renovation, go right ahead. This app lets you do more than just the basic floor plan, you can check out all possible floor patters, architectural features, appliances, paint colors, and much more. If there's a few ideas you like from this app, take pictures and drop them into the plan to see how it would all fit together. 
Here are just a few of the helpful apps. Another batch will be posted soon, so until then play with these and find out how useful they can be!


#1 Posted by Dante Engineers at 2/2/2015 2:59 AM
Thanks for sharing information with us .I usually prefer to use a Houzz app which helps to give attractive ideas to me while renovating and managing my home .

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