Top Ten Most Helpful Home Renovation Apps pt. 2

From the previous post, here is the second part of the top ten most helpful apps. Let’s begin where we left off,

6. myPANTONE ($7.99-$9.99, iPhone & Android) – Pantone began over 50 years ago and is looked at as the “language of color”, so they specialize in planning color schemes for rooms in homes. Homeowners who do it themselves can also see Pantone’s libraries and create their own color scheme. A great aspect about this app is you can color match. All you have to do is snap a picture, upload it and Pantone will pull the closest color from their spectrum. Saving them will giving you a head start when you decide to start shopping.


7. NousDECOR (Free, iPhone & iPad) - Here’s how to work this app. You see a piece of furniture you like, so you decide to take a photo of it. Then you can upload it using the app and it will search for the same piece, or ones like it, with different prices, and where to find it.


8. HomeStyler (Free, iPhone & iPad) – Before you begin any major reconstruction project; this app helps you envision the process from start to finish. You upload a shot of your empty space, and you can virtually try lighting, paint, rugs, cabinets, etc. Save your favorites to see which rooms look the best. A handy trick from this app is it has a list of nearby experts on call when you’re ready to throw in the towel.


9. iScape ($9.99, iPhone & iPad) – This one is similar to HomeStyler, but only it’s for outdoor spaces. Upload a shot of a garden, or yard and start adding trees, shrubs, chairs, etc. If you want to take on this project, this app lets you plan it all out and helps you envision the project, but if you are hiring a landscaper, you can explore the ideas and let them in on your vision. It even has a texture tool that adds grass, mulch, rock, and others to complete your plan.


10. Paint my Place (Free, iPhone & iPad) – Let’s be honest, choosing paint colors sucks. This app is designed to make it easier. What it does is allow you to see how certain colors will look next to your furniture, cabinets all before you even begin the prep work. Take a picture and start choosing the colors you want to look at. For just $3 more you can add an extra 30,000 colors from the top 35 brands.


Well there you have it; those are the top ten best apps for home renovation. Hope this was helpful, and hope you enjoyed reading.

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