Transform Your Garage

The new trends today are transforming garages into an extra hangout room. Most Americans store their vehicles in their garages, which is totally normal, but are they being used to the full potential?

Homeowners across the country are converting their garages into a room that can be used by the entire family. If this is something that strikes your interest consider some of these ideas on how to do it right.

Think of the shape and location of your garage

It is a sensual to plan carefully when thinking of renovating your garage. Most garages have vaulted ceilings, strange angles, and tricky corners, which makes it a challenge to find storage space and decorate it eloquently. 

Keep in mind if you live in a place that gets cold you may be sacrificing your car to the outside elements during winter.

Focus on the details

In order for a garage to be comfortable you'll have to make sure the insulation, heating, cooling, and lighting are installed correctly. It won't be comfy if it's too hot or cold. And don't forget about the garage door. It would be ideal to have a separate entrance so the main entry point isn't pulling up and down the garage door all the time. 

For all the items that reside in the garage like a lawnmower, you may want to get yourself an outside shed to place in the backyard.

Use it to replace a room you pay for

You can use this room as a gym, office space, or even a art or music studio. Saving money is always cool, especially when you use your new space to take the place of the office you've been renting, or the gym you've been going to for years. 

All you need is a elliptical, some free weights, and you got yourself your own personal gym where there's never a line to use weights. Be sure to add the proper Decour for whatever room he turned it into. A gym will need some great surroundsound speakers

Make a play room

Kids are messy there's no doubt about it. Consider sacrificing this room to your kids as their own place to be kids. Cover the walls in marker board, chalkboard, let the floors be concrete where spills don't matter. Kids don't need much as they're simple and don't notice decorations, so this would require the bare minimum. 

A home theater

Everyone loves a sweet space to watch their movies and shows. As long as the lights dim, and there's a big comfy couch, who would say no to that? One finishing touch would be adding a mini-fridge for snacks, or a bar for the adults.

A wine-tasting room

Wine collecting is in, in today's society. The best way to be a wine collector is to have a climate controlled closet or cellar. 

These rooms have special slots for wine bottles and shelves for wine stem glasses. These make great rooms to host get together. A spruced up garage will take your home to a new level!

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