Transforming Your Boring Apartment on a Budget

Home decoration and design shouldn’t be rocket science, but occasional it can be for some people. The goal is to make this living space appeal to you and your tastes right? I’m going to let you in on a few tips and tricks to decorate on a budget, which will give your apartment a significant upgrade.

Plan ahead of time – A lot of people often try and do the one stop shop. They pick a random store and buy random furniture and accessories to furnish their homes. Decorating without planning ahead is a mistake. Not only are you going to spend more money than you planned, it won’t be as appealing as you originally thought.

It’s all about being prepared. Being ready and doing your homework to know where to buy the accessories you need.  Once you have the store(s) located, start checking all the prices.

Choose a color scheme – Choosing a right color scheme makes a world of a difference. This act alone can be the most important transformation technique of the process. Painting is relatively cheap so without a whole lot of money you can make your place into a brand new place, with a brand new feel. Choose colors you like, since you will be the one living in it.

Be sure to check out other existing schemes and choose the ones that appeal to you the most.

Add carpets or rugs – Apartments with a naked floor are boring. Adding carpets/rugs with freshen the atmosphere with colors, and give the feel of a larger space. Dust and dirty will also no longer be visible! Having a carpet will only require cleaning every-now-and-then instead of daily.  

If you have a small room, go for a big rug. This has the effect of making your room feel much bigger than it actually is. The best places to shop for cheap carpets/rugs are IKEA, Walmart, and eBay.

Mix Furniture- The final transformation piece is to replace your furniture. Look at many stores, because the more options you have, the more potential your place has. Mix up your furniture, but make sure it matches.  Since you are on a budget, it’s best that you buy used furniture, but don’t tell anyone.

If you find a piece that is a bit too expensive, keep your eye on it and wait for the price to go down. Decorating isn’t a one-day event. It takes time, so be patient with your planning and shopping.

Lastly, do not leave out a few personal accessories. Add a piece of art or something that illustrates who YOU are. This will give it the extra home-filled vibe.


Best of luck!

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