Treating Your Summer Garden With Water Features

Thinking about putting some elegant fountain in your backyard, or a pond to give it a little life back there? Water features are always classy and aesthetically pleasing to the eye when you find the right one.

“Do we have room”, is usually the first question asked. The answer is probably yes since this doesn’t require acres of land. You don’t need the biggest or loudest fountain. Water features come in all shapes and sizes. They really aren’t hard to find, you just don’t notice them when you’re out. One unlikely spot is your local plant nursery. Every property looks better with a pond, but do you have to have one? No.

Keep in mind fountains can be expensive to maintain. For a larger scale example, Louisville’s waterfalls fountain was erected in 1988 but was only in operation for ten years. To thrust its 400+ foot jet of water into the air was quite expensive each time.

The Pant water Features

This feature is relatively popular, simple, easy to construct, and useable in almost any garden. How it was is there is a small pump at the bottom, and it sips water from the tray and pumps it back up to the top so it can trickle back down again.

Pond Waterfalls

These are always great choices, especially if you already have a pond. A benefit of this feature is you can use this waterfall to clean the pond and filter it for your fish. This will also help oxygenate the water and keep the fish healthy.

You also get a calming sound throughout your garden. Lastly, it’s an eye-catcher. Who doesn’t enjoy sitting and watching running water a bit?

Colored Water

These are typically water-light shows, and are a spectacle to watch.