Twelve Things To Do After A Move

Finally, every last box is packed up in the moving van and you are closing the door for the last time on your old home. The move isn’t quite finished though, here is a checklist of the final things you need to do before you move into your new home!

  1. Check all your expensive appliances and furniture. Most movers and insurance companies have a deadline in which you can file a claim. Check to make sure all appliances and furniture are not damaged and are working properly.
  2. Hire an exterminator before you start unloading all your belongings. If time allows, give the new home a thorough cleaning before you start unpacking and organizing.
  3. Open one box at a time; don’t open every box at once. Have a plan to organize and unpack room by room. Opening everything at once will tempt you to start stuffing things in closets to get them out of the way and then you’ll forget about them. Make a timetable of a certain room a day, or three boxes a day, that way you will be completely unpacked within a week.
  4. Change all locks and alarm codes. Do you know if the previous owner has kept any spare keys? Maybe, but it is best to play it safe.
  5. Be sure that all smoke detectors are working within the house.
  6. Update your current address with your job, the bank, post office, insurance provider, etc.
  7. Meet your neighbors. Invite them over for a meet and greet over tea or coffee. Knowing them will give you the feeling of settled in.
  8. Update your driver’s licenses and license plates. Visit the local DMV to find more info.
  9. Register to vote in your new area.
  10. Find the local healthcare professionals in the area. Dentist, doctor, vet, pediatrician, etc. Ask your insurance provider for the closest hospitals that come under their network.
  11. Make sure all moving receipts are kept in a single place. They will be needed when you do your taxes for tax deductions.
  12. Find out about trash disposal policies and if curb side pickup is available in your area.

There are the things you should do when you are settling in to your new home. Good luck and happy moving!

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