Ways to Finish Winter Strong and Save On Energy

Louisville has had some crazy weather lately, from 60's and 70's mid week to 30's and 40's the very next day. It's been quite unpredictable and we really don't know what next week will hold. If you are a precautionary type of person you'll be ready for winter to finally appear as it should in February. Finish the winter season strong by saving what you can on your heating bill.

Insulate your doors and windows

Weather stripping your doors and windows is a simple project with wonderful benefits. It's easy to install and easy to remove.
Get yourself some transparent weather sealant tape, and apply it to windows and glass doors. A simple YouTube should answer any questions you have about application.
Another cool use for this tape is placing it on your cracked windows. When it's placed on the trip drafty parts of the window it keeps out the unwelcome elements from the outside.

Door sweep

Whether you know it or not of lot of cold air comes in under your exterior door. These door sweeps heart symbol tune install by just nailing them to the bottom of your door, or with some sort of adhesive.

Reflective insulation

Some of the most expensive rooms in your house can be those not used like your crawlspaces and attics. Reflective insulation is less expensive and easier to install then normal fiberglass filled, itchy insulation. A staple gun is all you need.
This product is $20 a roll and it can be used on several rooms in the house. They can keep your pet’s house, the chicken coop, or most other small places warm.

The garage door

Garages are usually always cold, unless it is insulated. A Good way to keep it warm is to weather strip your garage door. Just like weather stripping any other door this only takes minutes.

Switches and outlets

Another odd spot for cold air to creep in from is your switches and outlets. Outlet foam and switch sealers are inexpensive and can also be installed quite quickly. All you need to do is turn off the power remove the plate and apply the foam sealer put the plate back on.


Simple decorations can help keep your home warm, like heavy curtains or thick rugs. These items hold and heat and you will notice the temperature change quickly.
Rugs go well with hardwood floors and tile.  Area rugs keep the floors warm and give you something to step on when they are cold.

Saving money on your heating bill isn't difficult when you know what to do. Most of these improvements take no time and can send save you a chunk of cash throughout the winter season.

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