Weirdest Requests From Buyers

You can always count on a short list of requests buyers have once you are selling your home. When they pull this card, be expecting to see numbers in this game.

The numbers often come out to the number of square feet, the number of bedrooms, the number of bathrooms, and the number of bucks in the budget. There are some rather unusual requirements occasionally. Here are a few of them:

  • There must have a formal and distinct dining room.
  • There must be a place for the green chairs
  • There must be enough wall space for 32 framed and decently sized pieces of modern art.
  • There must be an open for plan with the kitchen stretching into the family room.
  • There must be a private spot for the kitty litter box.
  • There must be room in the garage for a golf cart.
  • There must not be a home owners association.
  • There must be a perfect place for the Christmas tree, and a big enough spot around it for a sizable train.
  • There must not be kids playing outside, or being kids at all for that matter. And if there are, they cannot be having fun.
  • There must be a place for a 70-inch flat screen tv without window glare, and a good sport for an L-shaped couch.
  • There must be a shower and a tub (separate) in the master bath.
  • There must be traffic noise when all the windows and doors are open.
  • If you have anything like this please feel free to share!

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