What is NOT Covered in Home Insurance

If you’ve got homeowners insurance, you can probably sleep at night. What you may not know, are the things homeowners insurance doesn’t cover. Read this list and know what is not covered. It doesn’t matter if you live in San Francisco which makes you more liable to earth quakes, or not, or in a valley during the rainy season. Mind this little list and start asking your insurance agent to close these gaps to get a better rate.

Flooding- No one thinks it can happen to them, until it’s too late. Ask the people who’ve been affected by hurricane Joaquin and Sandy. Even if you live in a local flood zone or not, fork over the money for flood insurance, because most home ownership insurance doesn’t cover flood. As unlikely as this may be, you’ll be happy when it saves your butt down the road.

Mold – with moisture comes spores, and not just one. Mold doesn’t ask permission to arrive, and where to stay. It goes where it will which is usually in air ducts, and behind your drywall. The truth is everyone has mold, but it is the harmful kind that can be dangerous. Some of the side effects can be skin irritation, sore throat, nasal congestion, and wheezing. These can really have a severe impact on kids. Depending on your mold will determine if you are covered, but if it’s a large amount, and an unfriendly kind, this will be paid for by none other than you.

Sewer backups – Sewer backup damage can be a big pain. This is water damage coming from the ground. Exactly like floods, these aren’t covered by the typical home owner policy. Don’t risk your personal items thinking this won’t happen to you. It happens more often than you realize, so get yourself that extra payment every month and save your butt.

 Earthquakes – this insurance isn’t just for California anymore! Tremors happen everywhere, and are becoming more frequent. Ask any San Franciscan about earthquake insurance, they’ll tell you it’s not in the home bundle. Rates are more affordable the farther away from a fault line you are.  They get higher the closer you get.

Relocation expenses – If an ice storm forces you to leave your home for the winter, you’ll sadly find out this isn’t covered either. Even if the home loss is covered, finding cover to go elsewhere is not.

Pools – Pools are a liability in most insurance agencies eyes. You can never have too much coverage when it comes to a pool. The kids next door might have been planning a swim for years at 2 AM. If anything goes wrong, it’s your butt. Call your insurance agent and ask for a $500,000 policy, and then build a big, thick fence around your yard.

Termites – Termites cause an average of $5 billion a year worth of damage in the U.S. These aren’t covered by home owner insurance either! The people who sell this insurance are in fact, the people who kill the termites as well. Stay ahead of this problem and get insurance, and keep watch for any wood damage.

Trampolines -    There are over 100,000 trampoline related injuries a year, and these are the timeless enemy for insurance agencies. One way to help your rate is to add a net, or add spring pads to enclose your trampoline. If you think a tree house will be better, think again! These are another high-risk backyard problem for insurance companies. Maybe the swing set is the best way to go.

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