What Realtors Do that You Cannot

Good piece of advice: Don't try to buy a house without a realtor. It's a smart home-buying advantage. I have a bit if information below as to why it's so helpful to have one working with you.

When you are buying a house, it's good to know some things, but not all. Have you heard the expression "a little knowledge is a dangerous thing". It's only dangerous when that little bit of knowledge gives you a false impression that you don't need to be surrouded by professionals. It's vitally important to know what you dont know. In order to buy a home successfully, you need to rely on the expertise, knowledge, and professionalism of expert real estate agents. Realtors know to business like the back of their hand and experience in every step of the buying and selling process. When you see or hear about a property that you're interested in the best thing to do is to call a realtor to make sure some professionalism is put into action. Here is a list of things realtors have that we don't. 

  • They have access to every home on the market through Multiple Listing Service, including ones that aren't listed publicly.
  • Inside track of the deals before they even hit the market.
  • The ability to combine your price range with your dream house checklist.
  • Recent knowledge of comparable properties what they've sold for and how long it took.
  • Neighborhood knowledge.
  • Negotiating abilities with sellers on your behalf.
  • The inside scoop from the sellers agents.
  • Expertise to negotiate and close the deal.
  • Legality experience on foreclosures and distressed homes.
  • Muscle to get a deal through the escrow or "under contract" period.
  • they know groups of referrals for inspectors, mortgage brokers, and even tradesmen for renovations.
  • Professional advice if you have buyer's remorse.

Also remember that today home purchase agreements can be ten pages or more, and agents will need to take care of all of the paperwork. This doesn't include the federal and state level mandated disclosures, and any documents created by local customs. One mistake on your part could could you thousands, so that's why its vitally important to get the professionalism of a realtor.

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