What to Do When You're Yard Is Dead

Adding curb appeal to your home during a drought isn’t all that difficult. One just has to know how to do it correctly. Especially on the west coast is the drought really becoming a problem, but drought can happen almost anywhere. If you are trying to sell your home and need to spice up the entire front landscape of your yard, here are a few simple tricks to make it green again.


Lawn alternatives – Hardly anyone has the green grass enclosed by a white picket fence anymore; now they turn to stones closing the yard with drought resistant shrubs surrounding their house. If the once green grass has turned brown, and you can’t quite bring it back to life, try using different grass. These aren’t truly grasses, but they serve as a substitute. Try Asiatic Jasmine, or pea gravel. These two types of substitutes need very little maintenance and keep the home looking fresh year round.


Drought tolerant plants – Go to your local garden center and ask them about plants that do well during droughts. Using sea grasses usually requires less watering, and less trimming. These plants usually only need attention twice a year. If that’s not attractive I don’t know what is.


Another attraction to these kinds of landscapes is that weeding, trimming, and mulching are no longer something to be dreaded. Those days are long gone. Another piece that could add some flare to your yard could be a hammock. Who doesn’t enjoy a hammock?


Faux lawn – Here is the barebones remedy to a brown lawn. Paint it green. As comical as this may seem, it is actually a growing trend. It is completely safe for children and pets.            This job can either be done by professionals or you can do it if you have a paint sprayer!


I hope these tips give you some help in reviving your dead lawn. If nothing else works, try calling into a home garden radio show.

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