What to Know Before Selling Your First House

Hindsight is always 20-20, so be sure you know what you are doing before you assume you know it all and sell your home. Having your second home in sight is often a great feeling until you realize you must sell your current home in order to afford this home. Just because you’ve bought your first home and been through the process, doesn’t mean you don’t need help selling your home.

Below are the most common things sellers wish they had known before they listed their home.

How much is my home really worth?

A lot of buyers have glossy eyes and think their home is much more valuable than it really is. They don’t do their homework and have an unrealistic price they want to sell it for. It’s easy to get super excited about selling your home and putting all this money into the equity of your next home. The worst thing you can do to yourself is come up with a false number that it is worth. You will only be disappointed in the end.

Do your homework and find out what your home is truly worth by looking into local comparisons, nearby home sales in the last six months, and look at the properties that most closely resemble your home. If you have a gut feeling your home is troubled by termites, or foundation issues, get that fixed now rather than later. You will have to get it fixed before it sells anyway.

How important is my listing agent?

You will want to look into more than one listing agency. Going with just one agent might hinder your sale in the end, as they may not have your best interest and cost you money. If you’ve never hired and agent before this can be tricky. Interview several agents and do it before you want to list your home. This will leave you plenty of time to make a decision. Look for their knowledge on the local markets, and watch out for their promises of “too-good-to-be-true”.

Does anyone really read listing descriptions?

You may have a professional real estate agent, but that doesn’t mean they are an award winning author, or photographer. They often make mistakes in writing descriptions, so if you see any, don’t be afraid to say something and ask for corrections.

What’s the best home-staging tip?

A clean home is a godly home, and that means is needs to be immaculate. Everything from the cabinets, to the floors, to the appliances, and down to the basement ping pong table needs to be glistening. Any piece of personal belongings, or clutter should be out of sight. Throw that stuff in a bin and put it in storage until your place is longer yours. You also must keep it clean, so it wouldn’t hurt to have a cleaning crew ready.

Should I make plans for the pets during home showings?

When trying to get your house ready for showings, you can easily forget about your pets. No matter how spotless you believe your place is, your pets can somehow always find a way to undo your work. Dog hair is where you least expect (or never notice), and litter boxes may not smell to you anymore, and they could certainly turn off a potential buyer. Your best move is to find a place for your pets to stay while your home is on the market. If you cannot do this, make it as easy as possible to take the pets out of the home while guests are inside.

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