What you Should Leave Behind When You Move

     So you've sold your home, good job, now comes the annoying part of packing. Gather up all the pots pans, toys, clothes, photo albums etc. and store them in multiple boxes. What about all the things you are questioning keeping or leaving? Some of these items are contractually obliged to stay with the new owner, and some of the items should just be left out of kindness.

Let us have a look at the leave behind items:
     Appliances: Leaving behind your appliances was probably in your sales contract. These appliances are your refrigerator, dishwasher, and washer and dryer. It is important that you follow the contract requirements exactly as they're spelled out.

     Manuals: You should leave the new homeowners a folder filled with the appliance manuals. This is just courteous considering you have no use for the manuals anymore.

     Extra Keys: Many homeowners will change the locks once they move in, but you should leave them any extra keys you have to garage doors, sheds, back doors, etc. The new owner will appreciate not having to make new copies immediately.

     Security Alarms and Garage Door Codes: There is not a single thing more frustrating that having a nice garage door with a key pad and no codes, or resetting instructions. Be a kind person and just leave those behind.

     Warranty Information: All the warranties in y our home will be transferred to the new owners.

     Service Contracts:  It takes a new homeowner a little while to gain their bearings. If your house requires service like pool cleaners, lawn care, handymen, etc. leave the new owners with recommendations to save them some time.

     Finally if you have a pile of junk you don't want anymore, throw it away. Don't leave it for the new owners to discard it. Leave the house clean and tidy, they'll appreciate your effort. Think about all the items and things you would like to be left behind upon your move-in day.

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