What's Stopping You From Selling Your Home? Probably YOU!

 There’s no doubt about it, selling your home is stressful. Moving in good time and at a good price makes you feel the pressure. So now you have your agent, know what you’re getting into, and put in the seat to make your home shine, and it is ready to sell. So why is the home not selling, and why has the market turned cold all of a sudden? Hate to say it, but it may be YOU.

You may not believe me, but just take a listen. If your home isn’t selling, and the obvious bases are covered, you may want to look a bit harder in the mirror to figure this problem out. Here are a few ways you could unintentionally be sabotaging your own home sale.

Limiting Property Access

One of the biggest things you can do for yourself is let interested parties actually view the property. It sounds quite obvious, but if you limit the availability of views, you are driving potential buyers away. We know, weekends aren’t good, and evenings aren’t the best for you, but the goal is to sell your house. Set aside some time and make your home available to the public and get it sold!

House-showing Drama

If you are demanding to be present when you show your house, chances are you aren’t helping your home get sold.

Agents and buyers need their space to speak openly and honestly about the condition of the home. Having the owner of the house can be quite awkward and can limit what is said. Don’t be a third wheel; give the buyer some space without you being in the back of their mind.

Ignoring Advice

You are working with an agent because they are the professional in this situation. Follow their advice when they suggest an upgrade here, and a repair there. If you are ignoring their input, why did you hire them in the first place? Also, if you continue ignoring your agent, and the home isn’t sold after a period of time, they may just wipe their hands clean of it and walk away all together.


One of the most common deal breakers when selling a home is emotional attachment. The seller is so attached to their house they can’t let it go. No matter the backstory on the house, the emotional attachment can manifest itself to buyers as inflexibility.

Being too stubborn can also make a sale go sour. Refusing to come down a couple thousand dollars, not fixing a couple minor repairs, and/or not budging from a closing date, all these can spoil the deal. If you are seeing your unwillingness to compromise here and there, you may have the inflexibility disease. Time to cure that!


Now it’s time to be honest with yourself and admit you might have a problem, but only if you do. Your next step is to do exactly what your agent tells you to do. Speak with them about why your home hasn’t sold, and what can be done to get it sold. The sooner you figure this out, the sooner your home will be sold.


Best of luck!

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