Which Remodeling Efforts Entice Buyers

During the past few years most sellers have chosen to stay put in their homes because tey would rather remodel than move. Someday you might want to move, so which remodeling projects help add value to your home and entice buyers?

Considering the housing market as it stands today, there are a few areas that are more important than others to remodel. Here are a few areas to consider remodeling to help entice potential buyers.

Aging in Place

     Since tough economic times are  upon us through short sales and foreclosures, some families are combining homes to reduce the cost of living and living under a single roof. The National Association of Home Builders has found that 62 percent of builders in a survey were working on home projects that were helping families 'age in place'. These types of remodeling are placing a bedroom at the entry-level of a home, wider doorways that would fit a wheelchair, and accomodations that benefit the elderly like less stairs. These new accomodations were once looked at as unattractive, but since a decent amount of families are trying to age in palce they are now considered valuable.

Savvy Kitchen

     Popular rooms that bring families together are still the kitchens and living rooms. Most families prefer to sit down and spend time together even if it means having less space to prepare a meal. Utility rooms and pantries are becoming more popular while cabinets and shelves are being customized to meet the needs of a family, which can be expensive. Kitchens are becoming more of a cooking space for chefs with open shelving and islands to help prepare food faster while still being able to mingle with guests.

Totally Wired

     Busy workers who usally work from home are finding smart homes to be more appealing. These homes cater to the needs of people who work from home by being able to handle all the high-technology. Another benefit is having space-saving workstations in the home. The norm for many homes today are the ones that offer ceiling-to- floor bookcases and wiring for home offices.

Outdoor Living

     Bringing the outside in has become a popular norm in the past couple years. Making the most of living spaces like the garage and outside areas is definitely a benefit. You should capitalize on expanding your outdoor living space by including areas that offer relaxing, cooking, entertainment, etc. To blend outdoor and indoor living spaces, bring some outside furniture inside.

Not all remodels add value to the home, it's crucial to find a balance on which remodels add value to your home.

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