Why Neighbors Are Important

Every home owner has to deal with neighbors, unless you live in seclusion in the county-side. They can either be good, bad, horrible, loud, and quiet; you can love them or loathe them. They come in all shapes, sizes, personalities, and quantities. Let’s focus on the positives and look for the better qualities in neighbors.

Friends indeed

I know my neighbors have my back. Living in Kentucky we are subject to all types of weather, even the worst of it. Every winter we usually get hammered with a ton of snow, and as cars typically do, they get stuck in it. My neighbors didn’t’ hesitate to grab their ATV and help pull me out.

Every summer the neighbor down the yard walks up to our house with a big basket of vegetables they’ve grown and offer their hard work with us. It’s the little things that make a great neighbor!

The way to the heart

One of our neighbors is a hunter and often shares his bounty in the form of deer jerky. He stocks our freezer with meat and fish, and we are eternally grateful.

Not only is he a hunter, but he’s an electrician as well. If we ever have any problems or questions we just give him a quick shout and he comes to inspect our problem without hesitation. A neighbor who is so selfless is the best kind to have.

One big happy family

Every year the Kentucky Derby is run, and they have a party. As sure as the sun comes up, we get the first invite. We are so close they have become like family. We share cakes during celebrations, gifts during holidays, and even food when there is plenty.

Your neighbors live near you, so keep them near your heart.

Fondly remembered

Growing up you remember who your neighbors were. You remember the memories you had with them. I lived in a neighborhood with mostly retirees. Every Saturday the gray haired man next t door would help me crank the cord on my go-cart to get it started, just so I could make a bunch of noise in our cul-de-sac. Then there was the little old gardener lady who spent hours in her yard every day and taught me mums from lilies, and how to take care of them. These are the little life lessons you won’t ever forget. Hopefully you had some great neighbors like I did.

In times of trouble

When hard times hit like the death in a family, your neighbors are the ones who make you feel at home. They (at least mine do) bombard my home with food and company. This is such a great help, and I couldn’t ask for more. They are there for us when we need it most.

Your neighbors are the people you see mostly every day. Keep them close and be good to them and they should do the same for you. You will be surprised how easy life can be when you’ve got great neighbors.

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