Why You Should Buy in the Fall

The real estate market goes through its hot and cold cycles just like the seasons; they heat up during spring and summer, and cool down during the fall and winter. Don’t let the seasons dictate when you buy though; there are plenty of advantages to buying during the fall.

Old spring homes can be quite the deals in the fall

The ideal time to put a home on the market is during the spring. They are full of confidence and excitement, which often leads to pricing their homes too high. In this case, it’s not common to find the price drop during the summer. If it is still too high by Labor Day, the sellers will have to drop again, giving the buyers the deal they’ve been waiting for. Getting a spring home for a great deal couldn’t be any sweeter.

Fewer buyers in the market

Most families are already in their new home by the start of a school year, which takes out a good portion of the competition. Without majority of the competition, this gives you a better chance, and breathing room. Open houses will be less crowded, and if you really love a house, you can make an offer right then and there.

Motivated sellers want to sell by the end of the year

Sellers usually want to sell by the end of the year for the tax reason. Because they are looking to save some money, they are now thinking of their home as an investment, and want to make the best deal for them possible. Just to be certain, always ask the seller why they are selling and when their ideal sell date is. Be sure to look for the listings that offer benefits for closing before December 31st.

Motivated sellers have their homes listed by the holidays

Sellers cannot stand the idea of their potential sale to be dwindling on and interrupting their holiday celebrations. It takes a lot to sell a house, and even more to throw a holiday part, so they don’t want to be dealing with both. If the home is still on the market by November, you can bet they are getting nervous and are willing to make a deal.

Most homes don’t have that curb appeal once the landscape fades

Inspections are best done in the rain and snow. All faults will be shown to the buyer once the weather takes away the homes beautiful flowers and landscapes. Fall will blow away the facades of a home leaving it to be exposed for the buyer. As a buyer, you want to see each flaw in its true color so you can make a fair offer instead of finding flaws down the road.

See, fall isn’t such a bad time to buy a home.  Put your hoodie on and get hunting for that home you’ve been wanting!

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