Why Your Neighbors Matter

It's always in the benefit of everyone to be on the good side of your neighbors. There is a smart strategy to be played when selling your home, and that is thinking of your neighbors home. If their house is in poor shape then it could impact what your home sells for. Hopefully they take good care of their property, because it could help your bottom line if they do.

Picture a scenario where you spent hours working on your curb appeal and even renovating a few rooms in your house, but when you step in the street to look at it all you can see is your neighbors disaster of a home. You can put a ton of money into sprucing up your home, but if your neighbors property doesn't look pleasant, then it will surely lessen your value.

But there is a way around this! Here's what you need to do to make sure you were on your neighbors good side. 

Build strong relationships

If you are planning on selling in the near future, it's still important to have good relationships with those around you. Who knows you may need them at the least unexpected time. 

It's somewhat common for issues to spring up in the middle of a sale. Sometimes the problems involve retaining wall's, fence repair, and matters of the lake will often bring your neighbor into your sale.

Being on good terms with your neighbors almost ensures their cooperation when you need them the most.

Keep them in the loop

If you do plan to sell in the near future, it's a courteous thing to do to inform them in advance. Yes, sometimes neighbors are nosy, but it's considerate to keep them current with a process like this.

Maybe you need their help for a small project and if they know you plan on moving they could be more than willing to help. 

Offer to pay for improvements

It might seem like a tall order to request your neighbors to improve their curb appeal, but they may be more willing if you offered to pay for it. Simply asking them to do some work on their property may not go over so well. 

Selling your home is always a process, and it may involve more people than you expect. Just know that your neighbors cooperation might be needed so it's best to be as considerate as you can about it. This way you are likely to get what you want. 

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