Winter Months More Affordable than Summer for Buying

For real estate investors or home buyers, the months to invest are usually best in the fall and winter. This is the time of the year when the best deals are available.

Home prices typically surge in the summer months and drop in the fall and winter. Researchers have taken a close look and found this to be true over the past two years in the 50 largest metropolitan areas using data.

June and July are the months where home prices peak, and the supply of homes is at its height.  Along with this stat, this is also when competition for homes is at its highest.

Once fall hits, home prices drop around 3% usually. This correlates to an $8,300 drop in median home prices. During the winter months is when homes have hit their lowest prices. January and February see home prices drop an astonish 8.45% compared to their highest months in June and July.

Statistically, January has the lowest sale prices in 29 of the top 50 metro areas, and February had the cheapest in 19 areas.

Having the freedom to choose when you want to buy a piece of real estate can end up saving you a chunk of cash. The market statistics strongly show there is a better time to buy a home during the calendar year. If you are looking to save some money, the best time to buy is in the fall and winter. Buy in the colder months right before the market heats up again, you could potentially save thousands of dollars.  

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